Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The BLOG is back for a few weeks. Sue and I are back on the road completing the trip as was planned this time last year....better late than never.

We closed down the traveling and BLOG in April of this year due to family health issues. In my last blog I had mentioned that my sister had suffered a stroke. Well the fight is still on for her but as time has passed she has fought the good fight and is doing really well. She is continuing her weekly rehab assignments with noted progress. She is currently getting around on her feet utilizing a hemi-walker and a lift chair in her home. Left arm is still a work in progress and not very useful as of yet, but hope is that as time passes there will be improvement with this limb also.

The fact that Sue and I had our new home close to our families was an additional blessing when my mom became ill and had emergency surgury. She made an early morning trip to the emergency room with pain and vomiting. She was found to have a twisted colon resulting in removal of a chunk (20%). Was able to be with her during her week long hospital stay and then she stayed a week with us at our new home. Her recovery went well and she is actually doing better than she has in quite some time.

Now....enough catchup....to the present......
A shot of Sue with a big ol smile (kind of hard to see, but it's there) in front of the sign coming into our place of stay for a couple of nights. Location is Coeur d" Alene, Idaho. What a beautiful spot next to lake Coeur d" Alene. Enjoyed the lake front and the down town area. Found a street full of antique shops. Did not buy much which is usually the case, but have a great time browsing and reliving the past. Typically we spend enjoyable moments figuring out what the various contraptions are, how they were used and marvel at how our ancestors accomplished the many laborious and intriquite processes with such fantastic results. Living was a little rough back then, but in many ways much simpler than todays technological tangle. Focus was on food and shelter, not worrying about personal ID thieves.

The Endeavor in it's slip at Blackwell Island 
Waterfall in the park
 This little RV was a blast from the past. Renovated and shiney vintage 1937
Not sure the year of the boat that was attached to the RV, but it was very shiney also

A couple of shots of Lake Coeur d Alene
Well...down for the night after agreat day of travel smooth roads, no traffic and no wind. Beautiful weather to boot. A quick nap at Walmart in Butte Mt and the best that we have encountered. Grass lawn to set our chairs and a nice moutain view...Sue posted a pic on Facebook.
Will post this for now with more in a couple of days when we have a 2 day layover in Medora ND. Will visiting Roosevelt National Park just north of there.

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